• manualpdf
  • spanish manualpdf
  • Commands guide pdf |chm by Darkstar and Asseca
  • demo banks (90k)zip by the outziders

    These excellent banks are made using only the embedded demo loop, but are well suited for other loops, since equal slice sizes are used.

  • demo loop (346k zip)

    If you like the demo loop and would like to continue using it in the full version, this file is for you. 100% custom made, public domain, no copyright or other strings attached :)

  • LiveSlice Energy XT skin by Darkstar view|download (10k)zip

Tablet 2 MIDI

Demo zip
The demo has one limitation: You can only reload two controllers from a saved setup. This makes it a fully functional utility for up to two midi controllers pr. tablet. Note that you can save a complex setup in the demo, and reload everything in the full version


Touchpad 2 MIDI

Full version (v1.1) 311KB - with manual zip



If you experience any problems with the demos, please let me know and they will be fixed instantly.

Comments and questions are always welcome in the forum

LiveSlice example mp3's

Short 4 bar examples made using only liveslice and the demo loop.

RAW - beat 1 - by RAW

RAW - beat 2 - by RAW

RAWggae - by RAW

RAWXPerimental - by RAW

Happy beat


Granular demos

Granular soundscape

Glass Hihat

Pizza chord

cycle waveforms

Demo tunes

Demotune - by Bitmud

Damp 1 by SIGHUP |?|

LiveSlice dub - by Vlada K